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Guido Deiro: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 CD

Guido Deiro: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 CD

Guido Deiro, Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2

25 tracks, all recorded by the first star of the Piano-Accordion between 1911 and 1917 and originally released on Columbia 78 Records and Edison Cylinders. Includes Popular Hits such as Marches, Waltzes, Tangos, Fox Trots, Polkas, Mazurkas, Rags, and Semi-Classical Works and Opera Arias by Riccardo Drigo, Paul Lincke, Émile Waldteufel and Giacomo Puccini. Total Time: 75:15.

This CD, released in May 2009, includes a beautiful 24-page printed color CD booklet with 15 historic photographs, copious biographical information and analytical song notes written by noted accordionist and scholar Henry Doktorski and two essays—one about Guido and Mae West, and another about Guido and Pietro—by Guido's son, Count Guido Roberto Deiro. This is the second of a four-volume CD series. Excellent sound quality and remastering to CD. Professional printing and packaging. Will make a great gift for any accordion aficionado.

Includes two tracks performed as a duet by Guido with his brother Pietro.

Collector's item. Truly a treasured addition to any library of early twentieth-century American popular music.


    1. Ernesto Becucci: My Sweetheart
    2. Albert Von Tilzer: Get Busy
    3. Guido Deiro: Deiro Rag
    4. Giacomo Puccini: La Bohême—Musetta’s Waltz Song
    5. Guido Deiro: My Florence
    6. T. W. Thurban: Dream of the Rarebit Fiend
    7. Irving Berlin: Everybody’s Doing It Now
    8. Louis F. Muir: Waiting for the Robert E. Lee
    9. Paul Lincke: Unrequited Love
    10. Guido Deiro: Deirina Mazurka
    11. John Philip Sousa: Stars and Stripes Forever
    12. Ernesto De Curtis: Song of Naples
    13. De Ronco: Il Pianto Tango
    14. Julius Lenzberg: Hungarian Rag
    15. Émile Waldteufel: Les Patineurs (Skater's Waltz)
    16. Guido Deiro: I Don’t Care Polka
    17. Louis F. Muir: Mammy Jinny’s Jubilee—Duet by Guido Deiro and Pietro Deiro
    18. James V. Monaco: I Love Her, Oh, Oh, Oh!—Duet by Guido Deiro and Pietro Deiro
    19. Gian Battista Noceti: El Seducion Tango
    20. Walter Donovan/Albert Von Tilzer: Hop a Jitney with Me/My Little Girl
    21. Sigmund Romberg: Oh, Those Days
    22. Harry Jentes: Put Me to Sleep with an Old-Fashioned Melody
    23. Harry Carroll: Down in Bom-Bombay
    24. Riccardo Drigo: Serenade—Les Millions D’Arlequin
    25. Guido Deiro: Preparedness March

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Count Guido Deiro (1886-1950), Italian-American composer and accordion virtuoso, was a major force in the popularization of the accordion in the early 20th century. A vaudeville star by 1910, he was the first piano accordionist to make sound recordings and solo radio broadcasts. For many years Deiro was a headline attraction at the great vaudeville houses throughout America and abroad, and made more than 100 recordings for the Columbia record company.

Guido preceeded his younger brother, Pietro, as a professional accordionist, and even taught Pietro how to play the Piano-Accordion.

Guido was not only a virtuoso accordionist and entertainer, he was a handsome man and highly-paid performer; a celebrity on the vaudeville circuit. In 1913, he met Mae West, the young vaudeville performer and burgeoning sex symbol. A passionate romance ensued and the couple married secretly. Deiro was also the first piano-accordionist to play on radio, in 1922, even before Charles Magnante.

Guido Deiro's music is a window onto an era long past—an artist delighting audiences with soaring melodies, instrumental virtuosity, and abundant high spirits. We believe his music will be exuberantly received not only by accordion aficionados, but also by audiophiles in mainstream music circles, much like the rediscovery of Scott Joplin's music, thirty years ago.

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