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Historic Accordion Records on CD

These historic accordion records remastered to compact discs were produced as a service to lovers of the accordion to make the recordings of the great masters of the instrument available in the present day in a convenient and accessible medium so that their artistry and genius can be appreciated by new generations of music lovers and not be forgotten due to the passage of time.

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Ten Celebrated Accordionists CD Ten Celebrated Accordionists

1 Charles Magnante, Toccata in D minor, J. S. Bach 2 Anthony Galla-Rini, Prayer, R. Wagner 3 Carmen Carrozza, Fantasie Impromptu (opus 69), F. Chopin 4 Charles Nunzio, Racing Fingers, C. Nunzio 5 Pietro Frosini, Poet and Peasant Overture, F. von Suppe 6 Daniel Desiderio, Polonaise Brilliante, H. Wieniawski 7 John Gart, Scherzo, J. Gart 8 Pietro Deiro, Romeo and Juliet Overture, V. Bellini 9 Joe Biviano, Saranata Sevilliana, J. Biviano 10 Guido Deiro, Tancredi Overture, G. Rossini 11 Charles Magnante, Malaguena, E. Lecuona 12 Pietro Frosini, Carnival of Venice, N. Paganini 13 Carmen Carrozza, Serenade for Strings, P. Tchaikovsky 14 Charles Nunzio Bolero Fantasia C. Nunzio 15 John Gart, Vivo, J. Gart 16 Daniel Desiderio, Arnilla, P. Deiro 17 Carmen Carrozza, Piano Concerto in G minor, 1st Mvt., F. Mendelssohn 18 John Gart, Snowtrain Shuffle, J. Gart 19 Pietro Deiro, Chanticleer, P. Deiro 20 Charles Magnante, Flight of the Bumble Bee, N. Rimsky-Korsakov 21 Pietro Frosini, Rhapsody No. 3 in A minor, P. Frosini

Anthony Galla-Rini with Charlotte Laughton Tinsley at the Harp (from album of three 78 records)

1 Mardi Gras, 2 Lover Come Back To Me, 3 Ritual Fire Dance, 4 Come Back To Sorrento, 5 Down South, 6 Pavanne (Morton Gould)

Bill Palmer, Bill Hughes: The Concert Trio

1 Bach: Fugue In G Minor, 2 Mozart: Marriage of Figaro Overture, 3 Beethoven: Contra Dance No. 1, 4 Debussy: L’Enfant Prodigue, Prelude, 5 Rimsky-Korsakoff: The Snowmaiden, Dance of the Buffoons, 6 Saint-Saens: The Carnival of Animals, Elephant Dance, 7 Sibelius: Valse Trieste, 8 Frosini: Jolly Caballero

All Accordion Band: Debut Album

Dominic Cortese, Billy Costa, Bob Creash, Angelo di Pippo, Accordions; Don Arnone, Guitar; Joe Mazzu, Piano & Celeste; Richard Davis, Bass; Archie Freedman, Drums; Phil Kraus, Percussion

1 Sabre Dance, 2 Waltzette 3 Fascinating Rhythm, 4 Serenade, 5 Tico Tico, 6 Danse Macabre, 7 Bullfrog & Grasshopper, 8 Bugler’s Holiday, 9 Wrong Note Polka, 10 Minute Waltz, 11 Bajon, 12 Anitra’s Dance

All Accordion Band: Accordion Capers

Dominic Cortese, Angelo di Pippo, Don Burns, Val Dennis, Accordions; Bob Creash, Bass Accordion; Don Arnone, Guitar; Joe Mazzu, Piano; George Duvivier, Bass; Archie Freedman, Osie Johnson, Drums; Doug Allan, Percussion

1 Hungarian Dance No. 5, 2 From This Moment On, 3 Lullaby of Birdland, 4 La Mucura, 5 Four Brothers, 6 Tiger Rag, 7 Lollipops and Roses, 8 Goofus, 9 Happy Pierre, 10 Song of India, 11 Bass For Bob, 12 Romeo & Juliet, March from Nutcracker

Joe Basile: Around the World (with orchestra)

1 Lullaby of Birdland, 2 Never On Sunday, 3 Greensleeves, 4 Volare, 5 El Choclo, 6 Swedish Polka, 7 Mack The Knife, 8 Perfidia, 9 Melodie d’Amore, 10 Blue Danube, 11 Bahia, 12 Valencia

Joe Basile: Berlin With Love (with orchestra)

1 Lilli Marlene, 2 Bie Dir War Es Immer So Schon, 3 Macki Messer, 4 Auf Wiedersehen, 5 Trink Trink Trink, 6 Bel Ami, 7 Das Ist Die Liebe Der Matrosen, 8 Stern Von Rio, 9 Ich Kusse Ihre Hand Madame, 10 Horst Du Meine Heimlichen Rufen, 11 Ich Spur Im Mir, 12 Wenn Es Fruhling Wird

Leon Sash: Live at the Velvet Heart Club, Chicago 1962 (from reel-to-reel tape)

1 Perdido, 2 Lovely Way to Spend and Evening, 3 Jeepers Creepers, 4 S’Wonderful, 5 Line for Lyons, 6 Gone With The Wind, 7 Cherokee, 8 Saint Louis Blues, 9 G Whiz, 10 Please Don’t Talk About Me, 11 Swedish Pastry, 12 Miles From Davis

Leon Sash: Studio Recordings (from reel-to-reel tape)

1 Perdido, 2 Satin Doll, 3 Lulu’s Back In Town, 4 Jordu, 5 Blowin’ For Bonnie, 6 Polka Dots and Moonbeams

Luigi Appareti Plays Frosini

Luigi Appareti, Accordion; Ernest Furtado, Bass; James Campbell, Drums; Jeanne Appareti, Castanets

1 Espana, 2 Accordiomania, 3 Olive Blossoms, 4 Hot Points, 5 Coquette, 6 Jolly Caballero, 7 Gay Picador, 8 Florette, 9 La Mariposita, 10 Bubbles, 11 Carnival of Venice

Mario Mosti: Six Original Compositions for Accordion (solo accordion)

Recorded in 1946: 1 Paso Doble, 2 Boogie Impromptu, 3 Nanigos, 4 Hill-Billy Opus, 5 Arioso, 6 Promenade

Charles Magnante: Accordiana (solo accordion)

1 Blue Danube Waltz, 2 Merry Widow, 3 Accordiana, 4 Estrellita, 5 Black Eyes, 6 Two Guitars, 7 Nola, 8 Dizzy Fingers

Charles Magnante: Accordion Pops (with orchestra)

1 Twelfth Street Rag, 2 Don’t Blame Me, 3 La Cumparsita (solo), 4 Morton Gould: Pavane, 5 Prokofiev: Gavotte (solo), 6 Khachaturian: Sabre Dance, 7 Chopin: Minute Waltz (solo), 8 Hezrakati: Gypsy Dance (solo)

Charles Magnante: Carnival In Far Away Places (with orchestra)

1 Carnival, 2 Two Guitars, 3 Brasilia, 4 Anna, 5 April In Portugal, 6 Yellow Bird, 7 La Cucaracha, 8 Never On Sunday, 9 Espana Cani, 10 Czardas, 11 Under Paris Skies, 12 Just Say I Love Her

Charles Magnante: Fiesta (with orchestra)

1 El Cumbanchero, 2 La Paloma, 3 Malaguena, 4 Jungle Drums, 5 Amapola, 6 Brazilian Nocturne, 7 Ritual Fire Dance, 8 Rosita, 9 Carmen Opera Medley, 10 Cielito Lindo, 11 A Gay Ranchero, 12 Yours

Charles Magnante: Roman Spectacular No. 1 (with orchestra)

1 Funiculi Funicula, 2 Tango Delle Rosa, 3 Torno a Sorriento, 4 Arrivederci Roma, 5 Tarantella Calarese, 6 Ferry Boat Serenade, 7 Marchiare, 8 Luna Rosso, 9 Reginella Campagnola, 10 Roman Guitar, 11 Santa Lucia, 12 Anema e Core

Charles Magnante: Roman Spectacular No. 2 (with orchestra)

1 O Marie, 2 Tra Veglia E Sonno, 3 Blue Skies of Naples, 4 Non Dimenticar, 5 Mattinata Opera Medley, 6 La Danza Rossini, 7 Nel Blu Diponto Di Blu, 8 Eterno Ritornello, 9 Jolly Barber Tarantella, 10 Carnival of Venice, 11 O Solo Mio

Myron Floren: Accordion Concert (with orchestra)

1 Sabre Dance, 2 Czardas, 3 Fughetta, 4 Lady of Spain, 5 The Lost Chord, 6 The Flight of the Bumblebee, 7 On the Trail, 8 Memories, 9 Dizzy Fingers, 10 Sentimental Journey, 11 Pizzicato Polka, 12 Canadian Capers, 13 Brazilian Ukulele

Myron Floren: Spanish Eyes (with orchestra)

1 La Paloma, 2 El Condor Pasa, 3 A Day in the Life of a Fool, 4 Yellow Days, 5 Tico Tico, 6 Spanish Eyes, 7 Malaguena, 8 Caudo Calienta El Sol, 9 More (Theme from Mondo Cane), 10 Samba de Orfeu

Myron Floren: Great Accordion Hits (with orchestra)

1 Elmer’s Tune, 2 Canadian Sunset, 3 Music Music Music, 4 Twilight Time, 5 12th Street Rag, 6 Blue Velvet, 7 Stranger On The Shore, 8 Saint Louis Blues, 9 Volare, 10 Cocoanut Grove, 11 Wabash Blues, 12 Johnson Rag

Myron Floren: Dizzy Fingers (with orchestra)

1 Dizzy Fingers, 2 Volare, 3 Wabash Blues, 4 Everything’s Coming Up Roses, 5 April In Portugal, 6 I Could Have Danced All Night, 7 Misty, 8 Canadian Capers, 9 Sabre Dance

Myron Floren: New Sounds (with orchestra)

1 L. David Sloan, 2 Valley of the Dolls, 3 Simon Says, 4 To Each His Own, 5 Kiss Me Goodbye, 6 Everything That Touches You, 7 Valleri, 8 In The Days of Splendor, 9 Alley Cat, 10 Just Dropped In

Myron Floren: Come Dance With Me (with orchestra)

1 Come Dance With Me, 2 Clarinet Polka, 3 Blue Skirt Waltz, 4 Put Your Little Foot, 5 Accordion Polka, 6 La Raspa, 7 The Queen's Dance, 8 Saturday Night Waltz, 9 The Royal One Step, 10 Soft Shoe Schottische, 11 Dancer's Hornpipe, 12 Dancin' The Devil Away

Myron Floren: Most Requested (with orchestra)

1 Holzauction Schottische, 2 Cuckoo Waltz, 3 Henry Ford Schottische, 4 Petticoat Polka, 5 Johnny Oslo Schottische, 6 Life In The Finnish Woods, 7 Accordion Schottische, 8 The happy Togeler Polka, 9 Ball In Carstad, 10 Over the Waves Waltz, 11 O Susanna, 12 Village Tavern Polka

Myron Floren: On Accordion (with orchestra)

1 On The Accordion, 2 Mountain Belle Schottische, 3 Casey's Old Time Waltz, 4 Hoop Skirt Schottische, 5 Dad's Waltz, 6 Midnight Sun Schottische, 7 Country Dance, 8 Penguin Polka, 9 Memories From Uppsala, 10 German Medley, 11 Northwind Schottische, 12 Baruska

Myron Floren: Polkas (with orchestra)

1 Helena Polka, 2 Hoop Dee Doo, 3 Julida Polka, 4 Pennsylvania Polka, 5 Emilia Polka, 6 Beer Barrel Polka, 7 Jenny Lind Polka, 8 Champagne Polka, 9 Strip Polka, 10 Happy Norwegian Polka, 11 Medley: Little Brown Jug, Skip To My Lou, Polly Wolly Doodle, 12 Medley: Tavern In The Town, Hot Time In The Old Town

Myron Floren: Great Polka Hits (with orchestra)

1 Friendly Tavern Polka, 2 Circus Polka, 3 Liechtensteiner Polka, 4 Toe Tapper, 5 Jalisco, 6 Red Wing, 7 Village Inn Polka, 8 Finger Tip Polka, 9 Baruska, 10 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 11 Chihuahua Polka, 12 Clarinet Polka

Myron Floren: Polka! Polka! Polka! (with orchestra)

1 Peanuts Polka, 2 Tinker Polka, 3 The Happy Wanderer, 4 Muziky Muziky, 5 Double Eagle Polka, 6 No Beer In Heaven, 7 I Love To Polka, 8 Happy Hour, 9 It’s A Small World, 10 Hopak Polka

How To Order Historic Accordion Records on CD

All CDs were remastered from 33 1/3 RPM records unless stated otherwise. Do not expect these CDs to be free from imperfections like modern recordings. The hisses, scratches and skips which might have appeared on the original records also appear on these CDs. Each CD comes in a plain paper envelope. Don't expect fancy artwork. Don't expect any artwork or track listings. You get the track listings from this page only. Sorry about the price. I have to copy every single CD by hand and it is time consuming.

Price = $25.00 each. Post to anywhere in the United States is included. Send payment by check or money order or VenMo or PayPal or Western Union or MoneyGram to:

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