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Guido Deiro CD
Doktorski Plays Deiro May 2001: Henry Doktorski has begun recording the complete works of the great vaudeville accordionist, composer, recording artist and educator: Guido Deiro (1886-1950) for a two volume compact disc set scheduled to be released in 2003. The album is being produced by the son of Guido Deiro, Count Guido Roberto Deiro, who met Doktorski when the latter performed his father's music at a recital at the City University of New York in March 2001.

In May, Doktorski recorded My Florence, Valse Caprice No. 1 and Egypto, Deiro's most elaborate and ambitious work: an eight page six minute concert fantasia for solo accordion.

Doktorski said, "Guido Deiro's genius as a composer has been neglected since his unfortunate death over fifty years ago. What other accordionist/composer can claim to have written a hit song?" [Guido Deiro's Kismet was the theme song for a successful Broadway musical which ran from 1911 to 1914 and was later made into a movie.]"

Doktorski continued, "Deiro's melodies are exquisite with a beauty that defies description. I find his original works to be well-crafted and satisfying to perform and listen to. I am especially enamored by his imaginative introductions, which sometimes remind me of the introduction to a Rossini opera. His Egypto Fantasia, I believe, could have been orchestrated for the soundtrack for a classic Rudy Valentino silent film. I am grateful to Deiro's son, Guido Jr., who has made it his mission to disseminate his father's music to the world."

For more information about Guido Deiro, see GuidoDeiro.Com.

Update, November 2003: This CD has been released! Please see Vaudeville Accordion Classics for more information.

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