Henry Doktorski
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Wilmington Delaware Accordion Festival
September 16, 2006: Henry Doktorski performed as the headliner for the Wilmington Accordion Festival held at the Aldersgate United Methodist Church. The event was organized and sponsored by Lisa Cristofich and the Delaware Accordion Club.

Doktorski presented a workshop in the afternoon titled "The Brothers Deiro: Virtuoso Vaudeville Accordionists of the Early Twentieth Century," and also performed music of the two brothers at the gala evening concert.

Other performers included: Alex Meixner, Richard DiBlassio, Shirley Johnson, Phyllis Edamatsu, Stanley Darrow and Joanna Arnold-Darrow. The Wilmington News-Journal published a feature article about the event in the Sunday, September 17, paper.

Thelma and John Maiorano, Shirley Johnson, Henry Doktorski

Stanley Darrow, Joanna Arnold-Darrow, Phyllis Edamatsu, Shirley Johnson, Henry Doktorski, Richard DiBlassio

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