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Performance in Orlando, Florida
Doktorski in Orlando, Nov. 2004
Doktorski played a Bugari loaned by Tone Hundére.
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Henry Doktorski was designated the "headline" performer for the annual Florida Accordion Association convention held in Orlando on November 13, 2004, where he presented an entertaining and educational 90-minute lecture/recital on the life and music of Guido Deiro (one of the greatest accordion pioneers of the early twentieth century).

The annual event, called "Smash 2004," also featured concerts by accordionists Håvard Svendsrud from Norway, Janet Todd from Utah, and Nick Ballarini from Texas, workshops and classes, an accordion band consisting of convention attendees conducted by Linda Soley Reed of the American Accordionists Association, dealer displays, and nonstop accordion entertainment.

Karen Adams, the president of the Florida Accordion Association, expressed her appreciation, "Thank you for an absolutely wonderful program. The audience was thrilled with the history lesson on Guido Deiro, in addition to listening to you playing those wonderful selections. You have awesome technique. I believe you've coined a 'winner' with the Deiro presentation in your accordion-circuit career."

"In the accordion world, we never see a performance that includes a history lesson on an 'accordion pioneer.' Personally, I think there is a need for more of this for different accordion pioneers, i.e., Galla-Rini, Frosini, Nunzio, Magnante, etc. (hint, hint ....). You also have the ability to fit in with any crowd, which always spells success. You've made some new friends in Florida, and hope you won't forget us. I am getting so many e-mails & phone calls from everyone saying they absolutely loved the entertainment ... so KUDOS to you!!!!"

"Again, thank you for absolutely everything. You are very easy to work with, you present a great program, and I wouldn't hesitate asking you back again."

To see photographs of some of the other performers at this event, visit http://www.trekkspill.no/bildereportasjer2004/floridasmash/smash04.htm.

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