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Doktorski at The Society for American Music Conference

March 2, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Henry Doktorski presented a Lecture/Recital titled "The Brothers Deiro: Virtuoso Vaudeville Accordionists of the Early Twentieth Century" for the Joint Conference of The Society for American Music and the Music Library Association held at the Pittsburgh Hilton and Towers. Mark Katz from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill served as Chairperson.

Doktorski performed four compositions by the brothers Deiro: My Florence Waltz, Deiro Rag and Sharpshooters March by Guido Deiro, and Celestina Polka by Pietro Deiro. Between the performances Doktorski lectured about the lives of the two brothers and their important contribution to American music history as vaudeville celebrities of the early twentieth century. After the presentation, Doktorski answered questions. About 100 persons attended the lecture/recital.

George Boziwick, Chief of the Music Division and Curator of the American Music Collection for the New York Public Library and Program Chairman for the Society of American Music 2007 Conference, wrote, "There were 268 proposals submitted and we are happy to number yours among them. . . . your presentation was quite wonderful. . . . Thank you again for helping to make this a very successful conference."

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