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Italian Love Songs for Accordion

Accordion Music Book and CD: Italian Love Songs for Accordion composed or arranged by Helene Criscio, edited by J. Latulippe, recorded by Henry Doktorski, and published by Santorella Publications, Ltd. (2012)

Italian Love Songs for Accordion is an endearing compilation of Helene Criscio's life-long dedication to accordion. This collection of love songs published by Santorella Publications, brings to life a body of work that identifies this “Westfield Legend” and is endorsed by her good friend, Myron Floren.

45 pages. Measures 9 x 12 inches. Professional High Quality Printing. Contains 15 songs, plus a biography of Helene Criscio. The CD consists of all music in the book played by Henry Doktorski on a piano accordion.

This book will be a truly treasured addition to the library of the discriminating accordion aficionado.

How to Order

Order from Santorella Publications.


Helene Criscio: Waltz Amore
Eduardo di Capua: O Sole Mio
Helene Criscio: Maybe It's Yes--Maybe It's No
Helene Criscio: Here Is My Heart
Helene Criscio: Voice in My Heart
Franz Schubert: Ave Maria
Helene Criscio: If I Only Had a Chance
Helene Criscio: Eternity
Helene Criscio: I Never Want to Lose You
Eduardo di Capua: Ah! Mari!
Helene Criscio: Amore
Helene Criscio: Memories
Helene Criscio: I See You
Traditional Neopolitan: Santa Lucia
Ernesto de Curtis: Torna a Sorrento

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