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Overseas Shipping Fees

The United States Postal Service increased their fees for overseas shipments by nearly 50% on January 1st, 2013. Three years later on January 1st, 2016, the fees increased by 33%. Every year the fees increase.

Right now it costs $34.95 to ship most orders overseas in a USPS Priority MailŪ International Flat Rate Envelope. There is no insurance or tracking at this rate. If the package is damaged or lost during transit the customer must accept full responsibility. This rarely happens, but on rare occasions it does, so I am warning you.

If you want insurance, I have to ship by Priority MailŪ International and it will cost you nearly $60.00. So you must decide: gamble with no tracking or insurance or pay twice as much for insurance.

On the positive side, I can usually fit several CDs or books into an International Flat Rate Envelope, and the shipping fee remains the same. So you can purchase several items and as long as I can fit them in the International Flat Rate Envelope, your shipping does not increase with the addition of additional items.

Before you place your overseas order, please ask me to confirm the shipping fees. Contact me at

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