Henri Jolicoeur Talks About the Eleven Naked Emperors

Canadian Hypnotherapist Henri Jolicoeur talks about cults, brainwashing, and the eleven ISKCON zonal acharyas.

September 25-27, 2020: Henri Jolicoeur (formerly Hanuman Swami, ACBSP) endorses Henry’s book Eleven Naked Emperors, and shares some of his personal memories of the ISKCON zonal acharyas. While Henri has fond memories of some of the zonals, such as Jayatirtha Swami and Tamal-Krishna Goswami, he is not afraid to talk about their faults. Essentially, Henri confirms in this three-part video series that the eleven were pretender gurus, and not actually self-realized souls.

Viewer discretion advised, as he is not afraid to point out what he sees as a few of the errors of the ISKCON Founder/Acharya which he believes helped set the stage for the abuses in the Society after the Founder passed away in 1977. Not for the faint of heart.

Henri Jolicoeur responded, “My videos ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! The video Part Four might make some fanatics actually faint. Your book, Eleven Naked Emperors, is more important than you will ever know.”

Hare Krishna ISKCON Phoney Gurus: Part One.
Hare Krishna ISKCON Phoney Gurus: Part Two.
Hare Krishna ISKCON Phoney Gurus: Part Three.
Hare Krishna ISKCON Phoney Gurus: Part Four.

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