What’s New

Preface to Gold, Guns and God, Vol. 4 (July 2021)

Mr. Doktorski prepares his students for battle (June 2021)

Review of Eleven Naked Emperors by Chand Prasad (May 2021)

Henry selected to appear in book by Petosa Accordions (May 2021)

Gold, Guns and God, Vol. 2 now available (May 2021)

New Addendum for Henry’s book Eleven Naked Emperors (May 2021)

Gold, Guns and God, Vol. 4 nearing completion (April 2021)

Henry’s Killing For Krishna published in Italian (March 2021)

Henry discusses Gold, Guns and God, Vol. 1 on Expedition Truth Radio (February 2021)

Henry plays Johann Michael Bach: In ducli jubilo (February 2021)

2020 Fall Online Chess4Kidz Students Graduate (December 2020)

Gold, Guns and God: No. 3 in Amazon Hot New Releases (December 2020)

Radio interview with Jack Ashcraft about Gold, Guns and God, Vol. 5 (December 2020)

Gold, Guns and God, Vol. 1, available for purchase (December 2020)

Henry performs J. S. Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in C, BWV556 (November 2020)

Henry performs J. S. Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in F, BWV556 (November 2020)

Henry performs in the AGO Virtual Bachathon (November 2020)

Henry appears on Doooovid’s Internet streaming show (November 2020)

Gold, Guns and God, Vol. 5, available for purchase (November 2020)

Radio interview with Jack Ashcraft about Gold, Guns and God, Vol. 3 (October 2020)

Gold, Guns and God, Vol. 3, available for purchase (October 2020)

Hypnotherapist Henri Jolicoeur talks about Henry’s book Eleven Naked Emperors and his own personal memories of the eleven (September 2020)

Henry’s Live Radio Interview with Jim Paris (June 2020)

Table of Contents for Henry’s forthcoming book: Gold, Guns and God (June 2020)

Henry plays “Improvisation on ‘SPIRIT’” (May 2020)

Henry’s Interview with Doooovid (May 2020)

Henry’s Sicarios Por Krishna Now Online (May 2020)

Henry’s Chess4Kidz Classes Now Offered Online (May 2020)

Henry’s Interview on Expedition Truth Radio (April 2020)

Henry plays Modest Mussorgsky’s Promenade and The Old Castle from “Pictures at an Exhibition” on the Saint Martha, Murrieta organ (March 2020)

Henry plays Paul McCartney’s “When I’m Sixty-Four” (February 2020)

Henry’s 2nd book about Hare Krishna history published (January 2020)

Professor of Religion writes Foreword for Henry’s book, Eleven Naked Emperors (January 2020)

Henry’s Recital at House of Prayer (November 2019)

Henry plays Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 1 (November 2019)

Henry plays Beethoven’s Ode to Joy (October 2019)

The Accordion in Frida the Opera (October 2019)

The Life Mission of Count Guido Roberto Deiro (1938-2019) (September 2019)

Spanish edition of Killing For Krishna published (August 2019)

Henry Makes Top 100 Accordionists of the Year (August 2019)

Review of Killing For Krishna in Nova Religio (August 2019)

Henry presents lecture/recital at A World of Accordions Museum and Concert Hall (May 2019)

Two Podcasts about Swami Bhaktipada (March 2019)

Henry presents lecture/slideshow on historic German organs (March 2019)

Henry serves as consultant for podcast series: The Hare Krishna Murders (February-April 2019)

Concert in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (January 2019)

Interview with Steven Hassan about Killing For Krishna (December 2018)

Solo Accordion Recital at Riford Library (December 2018)

11th Annual AGO Palomar Chapter Concert (October 2018)

Henry Plays Johann Ludwig Krebs: Präludium supra “Christ lag in Todesbanden” (August 2018)

American Guild of Organists Recital (May 2018)

Book/CD German Favorites for Accordion published (May 2018)

Review of Henry’s book/CD Anatomy of an Organ by J. Naples (April 2018)

Review of Henry’s book Killing for Krishna by J. Brzezinski (March 2018)

Review of Henry’s book/CD Anatomy of an Organ by S. Gross (February 2018)

Henry’s 660-page nonfiction true-crime book, Killing for Krishna, published (January 2018)

Henry appears on Krishna Killers television documentary (December 2017)

TangoMasters at Speakasy at the Merc (November 2017)

Henry’s Book/CD Anatomy of an Organ Published (October 2017)

Ein Feste Burg (October 2017)

American Guild of Organists Member’s Recitals (October 2017)

Performing Shostakovich’s Suite for Variety Orchestra with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (September 2017)

2017 Palomar AGO Chapter Members’ Recital (May 2017)

2017 Organ Scholarship Competition (April 2017)

Solo recital for the San Diego Accordion Club (April 2017)

Henry plays the Schlicker organ at House of Prayer Lutheran (March 2017)

My Ash Wednesday Penance: A Short Story (March 2017)

Organist at House of Prayer Lutheran Church (February 2017)

Christmas Favorites for Accordion published (January 2017)

Henry plays Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man (November 2016)

Henry’s latest musical composition: Fantasy on “Gather Us In” (October 2016)

Las Vegas International Accordion Convention (August 2016)

Performance at the San Diego Accordion Club (July 2016)

Henry moves to California (June 2016)

5-CD Set of Rare Charles Magnante Quartet Recordings Released (May 2016)

24 Essays on 24 Hymns (January 2016)

Night of the Living Dead: the Opera (October 2015)

The King of Instruments (September 2015)

Obituary: Tony Maiorana, Henry’s Accordion Teacher (June 2015)

The Accordion with Bell’Art Ensemble (May 2015)

New Historic Accordion CD Released: Pietro Frosini Vintage Performances, Vol. 1 (February 2015)

Accordion Featured in Two New Jersey Concerts (December 2014)

Carnegie Library Accordion Concert (January 2014)

Chess Class Teaches Game, Life Lessons (January 2014)

Homegrown Gurus Published (November 2013)

Jazz Poetry Concert (September 2013)

The Accordion with Alia Musica (April 2013)

Moulin Rouge: The Ballet (February 2013)

Accordion Music for Weddings (January 2013)

Damodara Prayers recorded (December 2012)

The Accordion at Glimmerglass (July/August 2012)

The Accordion and Carmen, the Gypsy, Part 2 (July 2012)

Italian Love Songs for Accordion Published (May 2012)

Behind the Bellows documentary movie about the accordion released (March 2012)

Final Alice with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra: An Accordionist's Perspective (March 2012)

Final Alice with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (March 2012)

Michigan Accordion Society Concert (February 2012)

The Accordion and Carmen, the Gypsy (February 2012)

Christmas Eve at Grace Lutheran (December 2011)

Gold, Guns and God: Swami Bhaktipada and the West Virginia Hare Krishnas (November 2011)

Button Accordion Method, Volume 3 Published (October 2011)

Latin Favorites for Accordion Published (October 2011)

Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival (July 2011)

The Accordion in the Encyclopedia of American Music and Culture (May 2011)

Final Alice with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra: An Accordionist's Perspective (May 2011)

Final Alice with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (May 2011)

Schubert’s Ave Maria sheet music published for accordion (May 2011)

Divine Hymns for Accordion published for accordion (February 2011)

Ragtime Favorites for Accordion published for accordion (February 2011)

Christmas Concerts 2010 (December 2010)

Guido Deiro: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 3 released (October 2010)

Guido Deiro: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 4 released (October 2010)

Erie German Festival 2010 (September 2010)

Chess For Kids Team Wins State Championship (May 2010)

Indiana University Concerts (April 2010)

Italian Favorites Music Book and CD published (March 2010)

How to Play Accordion Method and Songbook method book published (April 2010)

Butler County Symphony Concert (February 2010)

Birmingham Alabama Concert (January 2010)

Four Polish Carols performed by Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra (December 2009)

Brundibár by Hans Kraša (November 2009)

Arturs Maskats’ Tango with the Erie Philharmonic (September 2009)

Accordion Pool Party (September 2009)

Chess For Kids Program a Winner (June 2009)

Guido Deiro: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 Released (May 2009)

Easter Sunday at Grace Lutheran Church (April 2009)

Button Accordion Method Volume 2 Published (April 2009)

Recital at Guthrie Theater, Grove City, Pennsylvania (February 2009)

The Giulietti Sound (December 2008)

Charles Magnante DVD Released (November 2008)

Concert with Ames Iowa Orchestra (November 2008)

National Button Accordion Festival (May 2008)

Slee Sinfonietta Concert (May 2008)

Henry Doktorski at Wikipedia (May 2008)

Complete Works of Guido Deiro Printed Music Book Published (April 2008)

Henry’s Student Performs with Orchestra (April 2008)

Kurt Weill’s Lost in the Stars (February 2008)

Alan Hovhaness and Henry Doktorski (January 2008)

Santa Claus appears with symphony (December 2007)

Ave Maria: Hymns to Mary CD Released (October 2007)

Performance for Polish Cultural Council (October 2007)

Performance in Superior, Wisconsin (September 2007)

Henry Performs at 60th Annual Coupe Mondiale (August 2007)

Guido Deiro Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 CD Released (May 2007)

Performance with Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic (May 2007)

Performance with Daphne Alderson at Heinz Chapel (April 2007)

Student Performs Recital on 75th Birthday (March 2007)

Society of American Music Conference (March 2007)

Button Accordion Method Published (February 2007)

Chess Instructor (February 2007)

Historic Accordion Records On CD Released (January 2007)

City Music Center Concert (November 2006)

New Edition of Historic 1843 Accordion Book Published (October 2006)

Delaware Recital (September 2006)

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival 2006 (July 2006)

Classical Free-Reed, Inc. eBay Store Opens (June 2006)

Step Tango (May 2006)

Classical Accordion on Classical Radio (April 2006)

Guido Deiro 1928 Sound Film released on DVD (April 2006)

American Accordion Musicological Society Conference 2006 (March 2006)

Pietro Deiro Celebrated Polkas CD released (February 2006)

Vrindaban’s Woods and Groves recorded (October 2005)

Loudoun County Symphony Concert (October 2005)

Wartburg Community Symphony Concert (October 2005)

Chicago Accordion Club Recital (September 2005)

Adios Nonino with orchestras in Illinois and Indiana (September 2005)

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival 2005 (July 2005)

New CD: Classical Accordion Recital (June 2005)

Study Accordion with Henry (May 2005)

Arturs Maskats’ Tango (April 2005)

Dr. Helmi Harrington’s Reviews (April 2005)

Museum Celebrates Acquisition with Recital (April 2005)

The Accordionist As Accompanist (April 2005)

The Brothers Deiro and Their Accordions (March 2005)

Performance with Butler County Symphony Orchestra (February 2005)

Accordion Registrations (February 2005)

Christmas Concerts (December 2004)

Performance in Orlando (November 2004)

The Lord of the Rings Symphony (July 2004)

Le Grand Tango (April 2004)

Texas Accordion Association Convention 2004 (March 2004)

Performance at Heinz Chapel (February 2004)

Performing in Kurt Weill’s Opera Mahagonny (January 2004)

Christmas Concerts (December 2003)

Performances with Gil Shaham (November 2003)

Who Was First? and the Recording of Vaudeville Accordion Classics (November 2003)

Vaudeville Accordion Classics compact disc released (November 2003)

Performance with Cleveland Chamber Symphony (September 2003)

The Accordion and Threepenny Opera (February 2003)

2002 Christmas Concerts (December 2002)

Doktorski Duo Performs (August 2002)

The Classical Squeezebox Published (August 2002)

California Accordion Recitals (July-August 2002)

The Accordion and Fiddler on the Roof (June 2002)

St. Patrick’s Day Performance (March 2002)

Christmas Concerts (December 2001)

Performance with Duquesne University Contemporary Ensemble (October 2001)

Performance with Cleveland Chamber Symphony (September 2001)

New Compact Disc in Progress (May 2001)

New York City Recital (March 2001)