Mr. Doktorski’s Students Compete in Junior Joust

Seven of Mr. Doktorski’s Chess4Kidz students competed in the four-round Junior Joust hosted by the Temecula Chess Club.

October 8, 2022: Seven of Mr. Doktorski’s Chess4Kidz students competed in the first Junior Joust of the Fall 2022 season at the Temecula Chess Club. Five Van Avery Prep School students, one student from Henry’s Vista Library class, and one student from Henry’s Lake Elsinore Home School class participated in their first ever United States Chess Federation (USCF) rated tournament in a field of eighteen players.

Mr. Doktorski said, “I was extremely pleased with my students’ results: Mathis and Leo scored 2 points (exactly in the middle! which is terrific), Hussein and Krish were close behind with 1.5 points, and Eddie, Caius and Ishmael finished with one point. This is quite respectable, in my opinion. I saw some intense battles.”

Mrs. Mayagoitia noted, “The tournament was great experience for my sons Hussein and Ishmael. Thanks for inviting them. We will continue to come when there are tournaments on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.” Hitasha Mitera explained, “My son Krish loves chess and I truly appreciate all your encouragement and support!”

Photos by Chris Roberts.

Leo Cardoso.

Caius Deines.

Krish Nandi.

Hussein Mayagoitia.

Eddie Cardoso.

Ishmael Mayagoitia.

Mathis Hopper from Lake Elsinore explained, “The USCF CHESS tournament was a five star experience that didn’t falter in any aspect. The competitive nature of the event forced both sides to think hard about their moves, which made for some really fun chess as I left games satisfied that I had fought hard. Yet despite the competitiveness, my opponents were very friendly and supportive. I think one of the most important things was playing many players with a different style over the board. I love online chess, but it was so much more fun to see my opponent in front of me. It was an incredibly fun experience that I will be returning to. Thank you, Mr. Doktorski, for bringing me to this tournament.”

Final Standings.