Absolute Is Sentient Foundation congratulates Henry in latest newsletter

August 15, 2023: Issue No. 256 of the newsletter for the Absolute Is Sentient Foundation offered congratulations to Henry for completing his dodecalogy.

August 15, 2023


Dear Friends and Prabhus,

The members of the A.I.S.F. join together to extend our congratulations to Hare Krishna historian and author Shriman Hrishikesha dasa Adhikary, aka Henry Dokstorski, for completing his intricately-researched 12-volume set on ISKCON’s first fifty years of actual history. Each of Doktorski’s books have received rave reviews from friends and devotees of ISKCON who long for “the rest of the story”—the non-sugar coated plain truth. Doktorski does not claim to be a devotee but, as a scholar of Hare Krishna history, his work is fair and balanced. It is very important that he does not rely on sensationalism.

Doktorski’s 12-volume set on the past fifty years sordid history of ISKCON. Titles include Killing for Krishna, Eleven Naked Emporers, and Gold, Guns and God (10 volumes).

Here’s a sample review of one of the volumes from Amazon:

Review of Eleven Naked Emperors

January 13, 2021

Five Stars: An important book about a significant time in ISKCON

“(Eleven Naked Emperors) gives some important information about the zonal acharya era of ISKCON. Since this is a time period that the ISKCON leaders would like to cover up or sweep under the rug, it is especially important that people who remember it can give their stories. Mr. Doktorski is entitled to do so, since he is a former disciple of one of the zonal acharyas, and also no longer a member of ISKCON, so he doesn’t have to sugar-coat the story to fit the present dogma. The book does not only give information about the time period itself, but it also covers some relevant events before 1977 and after 1987 as well. This book is well researched, and gives the story from an academic perspective as well as from a devotee perspective. It is a good book for those who want information about the ISKCON history from other sources than the official ISKCON ones.”—G. R. S. (from a review at Amazon)

Apparently completing the daunting project of thousands of pages of research has allowed Doktorski some down time.

Out for a summer drive: Doktorski at the wheel of his Mazda Miata.

Henry with his mom on the French Broad River.

Your servants,

The A.I.S.F. team

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