Accordionist Hans van Schuppen performs Henry’s Serenade in concert

Accordionist Hans van Schuppen and harpist Heleen Venekamp .

November 3, 2023: Dutch accordionist Hans van Schuppen performed Henry’s Serenade with harpist Heleen Venekamp during a concert in the theater of Muziekschool de Muzen in Veenendaal, The Netherlands. Hans is a three-time Dutch acccordion champion. He studied with Miny Dekkers at the Dutch Conservatory and Mogens Ellegarde at the Royal Conservatory in Copenhagen. He teaches at three music schools: Muziekschool de Muzen in Veenendaal, Cultuurknop in Wijchen and Open Academy in Bemmel.

Hans noted, “Our performance of Serenade went very well; very positive response.” Henry replied, “I’m delighted that my little piece is being appreciated by accordionists and audiences across the Atlantic. I hear Hans is working on another piece of mine, Romance for Chord Buttons. I look forward to hearing him play it someday!”

Listen to a performance of Henry’s Serenade performed by accordionist Ludo Mariën and harpist Eline Groslot on YouTube.

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