Henry finishes in 2nd place in Temecula Chess Club tournament

Henry and 1st place winner “Mighty” Marius.

January 30, 2024: Henry, to his great surprise, finished in second place in the the Temecula Chess Club Tournament No. 124 in a field of eleven players. Although he tied with another player with six points in the ten-round tournament, he won the second-place prize money because the other player had taken two half-point byes, while Henry had played all ten rounds. “Mighty” Marius Gabriel Lucan finished in first place with 8 points.

Henry explained, “What a pleasant surprise! I entered the final evening of the Temecula Chess Club tournament (two rounds per evening) with only 4.5 points. Ahead of me was Preston with 5.0 points and Marius with 7.0 points. Both Marius and Preston had defeated me in earlier rounds, so I naturally concluded that I had little chance to win any prize money, which was awarded only to the first- and second-place players. However, Preston won in Round 9 and lost in Round 10, and I won in Round 9 and had a draw in Round 10. Therefore our scores were tied at 6.0 points! At first I thought we would split the prize money for second place, but then I remembered that Preston had taken two half-point byes, and I had played all ten rounds. According to the tournament director, then I should receive the full second place and prize money. I was elated! I hadn’t played competitive chess since the COVID outbreak; the last tournament I participated in was in May 2021! I am happy to be competing again, and battling against strong players.”

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Final standings.