Fall 2020 Online Chess4Kidz Class Graduates

Chess4Kidz Instructor Mr. Doktorski.

December 19, 2020: Henry Doktorski’s 2020 Fall Online Chess4Kidz students participated in the Final Awards Ceremony during a zoom meeting. Many parents and some grandparents also attended, in order to cheer when their favorite chess player accepted his or her award. The 16-week class, which began on August 25, met twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays for lessons. Topics included mating techniques, tactics such as forks, pins and skewer attacks, opening strategies, king and pawn endgames, analyses of famous grandmaster games, and analyses of student games. Once a week, students battled each other on chess.com and game results were tabulated. The five top-scoring players received trophies and all other students received Certificates of Achievement (mailed to their homes). Here’s a few photos of some of our students with their trophies or certificates (and pets). More photos will be posted as parents send them.

Mr. Doktorski’s 2021 Spring Online Chess4Kidz classes begin on January 12th. For more information, call Henry at 951-435-9209, or send an e-mail message to:

Zenobi from Wildomar, California finished 2nd with 11.5 points.

Yuhong of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tied for 3rd/4th place with 11 points, but won the third place trophy in a play off match.

Eric from Menifee, California tied for 3rd/4th place with 11 points, but won the fourth place trophy in a play off match.

Carlos from Perris, California finished 5th with 9 points.

Celinda from Fallbrook, California.

Spencer from Saxonburg, Pennsylvania.

The Final Standings.