Interview with Doooovid

Doooovid and Henry

Doooovid (David A. Calton) and Henry on Doovid’s Internet Streaming Show

November 24, 2020: Henry discussed his two recently-published books about the Hare Krishna movement, Gold Guns and God, Vol. 3, “Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold” and Gold, Guns and God, Vol. 5, “The Murder and the Mandir”, with Doooovid (David A. Calton) on Doooovid’s Internet Streaming Show. The topic of conversation ranged widely, mostly focusing on Henry’s books, Henry’s interpretation of New Vrindaban history, and Doooovid’s insights and interpretations.

To listen to the 81-minute interview, go to Henry Doktorski—Gold, Guns and God: Swami Bhaktipada and the West Virginia Hare Krishnas.

Doooovid (David A. Calton) is a Hasidic Jew, chess coach, civil engineer by profession and general spiritual seeker, with many interests including interfaith, consciousness, engineering, science, psychology and much more. He regards himself as a “Lover of the Almighty and all forms of wisdom promoting harmony between mankind and G-d consciousness!” Doooovid started his YouTube channel about a decade ago to promote groups he is involved with in metropolitan Detroit, including ISKCON, various synagogues, chess, and other community activities. Doooovid serves as a channel for all of his activities. About two years ago he started “livestreaming,” developing a relationship with the people who watch his content, and having public conversations with various intellectuals, authors, activists, or anyone who reaches out and wants to talk, as well as streams where he presents his own research and ideas, and of course an occasional game of chess. He has taught hundreds of children (and some adults) to play chess. For more about Doooovid, visit Doovid’s YouTube Channel.

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