Original works for accordion from the Age of Vaudeville

Henry Doktorski, 2003 publicity photo.

In this popular program, Henry presents a lecture/recital on the life and music of two great pioneers of the piano-accordion: Guido Deiro (1886-1950) and his brother Pietro (1888-1954), consisting of their greatest hits: waltzes, marches, rags, overtures, polkas and tangos interspersed with entertaining and educational stories about the brothers’ exciting and glamorous lives: their boyhood in Italy, running away from home, emigrating to America, achieving stardom in Vaudeville, and Guido’s four marriages (including his passionate and turbulent marriage to Mae West).

Henry’s presentation is truly a crowd-pleaser, not only for concert venues but also for lecture series. He has presented this program to appreciative audiences in:

Original works for accordion from the Age of Vaudeville

Guido Deiro

    My Florence Waltz,
    Los Bomberos March
    Deirina Mazurka
    Deiro Rag
    Neapolitan Polka
    Preparedness March
    Moonlight Waltz
    Lola Fox Trot
    Tango Tosino
    Sharpshooter’s March.

Pietro Deiro

    Pietro’s Return March
    Beautiful Days Waltz
    Quick Silver Novelette
    Celestina Polka
    Imperia Overture

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