Rondo Polka

for solo accordion, by Henry Doktorski

Published by JANPress (2002).

Printed Music: Rondo Polka for solo accordion (stadella left hand) by Henry Doktorski (1997, revised 2002). Duration: 4 minutes. Professionally typeset, printed and bound. Score = 9 pages and measures 8.5 x 11 inches. Recorded by Doktorski on the CD: Classical Accordion Recital.

Many polkas bear the resemblance to either of the long traditions of Slavic, Italian, French, or German polka forms that preceded them. However, this particular polka really seems to have its roots in the Classical music tradition, and sounds very much like something Haydn or Mozart would have created in fun if they were still alive today. It’s quite an elegant little piece with a new twist on the polka form. Very enjoyable music.

Henry explained the origin of Rondo Polka:

Rondo Polka is an interesting, exciting and entertaining piece which never fails to draw smiles and applause from audiences.

Andante introduction and first line of the main theme. The Ossia part is for accordionists who have smaller hands.

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