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Wang Zheng Ting (sheng) at The Center For The Study of Free-Reed Instruments (1999)

Alphen Opus 2 (2000)

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Galla-Rini, Anthony, accordion: Sharing the Joy (1999)

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Lips, Friedrich: Russisch und Trepak

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Quartetto Gelato: Quartetto Gelato

Quartetto Gelato: Rustic Chivalry

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Semyonov, Vyacheslav: Semyonov Plays His Transcriptions

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Venglevski, Stanislav: Stas!

Venglevski, Stanislav: Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite (1997)

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Celtic Consort

Diaz, Hugo: Master of Bandoneon (1997)

Giulio Regondi Guild: The Great Regondi, Volumes One and Two

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Bonfiglio, Robert: Villa-Lobos Concerto (1999)

Bonfiglio, Robert: Romances (1999)

Hughes, James: James Hughes Plays James Moody

Hughes, James: The Romantic Harmonica Music of Paul Lewis (1999)

King's Harmonica Quintet

Littera, Gianluca: Villa-Lobos Concerto (1999)

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Reilly, Tommy: Serenade (2000)

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Asian Free-Reed Instruments (Classical)

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Tianquan Hu: The Yellow River Sheng (2001)

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QIAN Zhao-xi (composer): Primitive Safari (2002)

LIU Ying (conductor): A Spray of Flower (2002)

Music Score Reviews (Folk, Popular, Jazz)

Kushner, Sy; arranger: The Klezmer Fake Book/Compact Disc (1997)

Piazzolla, Astor: 20 de ses Plus Grands Tangos

Howe, Elias Jr: The Complete Preceptor for the Accordeon

Book Reviews (Folk, Popular, Jazz)

Bove, Bob: Accordion Man -- The Legendary Dick Contino (1997)

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Stricker, Ralph: Jazz Theory and Improvisation Studies for Accordion (2001)

Concert Reviews (Folk, Popular, Jazz)

Hunter, Richard at The Center for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments (1999)

Video Tape Reviews (Folk, Popular, Jazz)

Boatman, Morgan (Director): Princess Isabelle

Logan, Larry: Celebrating His 50th Anniversary in Show Business (2000)

CDs (Diatonic Button Accordion: Folk, Popular, Jazz)

Budowitz: Mother Tongue

Dairo M.B.E., I.K. & His Blue Spots: Ashiko

Donslund, Herluf: Harp and Soul

John Kirkpatrick Band: Force of Habit

La Musgana: Las Seis Tentaciones


Tigermoth: Mothballs

Valimaki, Teppo: Taysin Palkein: The Best of Finnish Folk Accordion (1997)

Various Artists: Klezmer Music -- A Marriage of Heaven and Earth

Various Artists: Planet Squeezebox

CDs (Piano and Chromatic Button Accordion: Folk, Popular, Jazz)

Cafe Accordion Orchestra: Dancing on the Moon

Contino, Dick: Forever With You (1997)

Deiro, Pietro & Guido: Real Ragtime

Deishovida: Fast Folk

Folkstad, Jon: Norske Drag (2001)

Floren, Myron: 22 of the Greatest Polka Hits

Frosini, Pietro : Jolly Caballero (2006)

Frosini, Pietro: Original Recordings: 1920-1935 (2002)

Galliano, Richard: Laurita

Ganian, Michael: Accordéon d'or (2000)

Ganian, Michael: Ararat 1915 (2000)

Ganian, Michael: différence (2000)

Good Music Polka Band: It's A Polka Party!

Kalaniemi, Maria: Maria Kalaniemi (1997)

Kandic, Vladeta (Bata Kanda): Plays With Heart and Soul (1999)

Kimmel, John: Real Ragtime (2001)

Klezmatics: Jews With Horns

Mazaika: Violin and Accordion Duo (2002)

Music Makars: Scottish Dance Music

Nasturico, Marin: Jazz and Romance

Newton, Dan: Cafe Accordion

Precz, Bogdan & Acco-Lab: For Daniel

Rommel, Jim: Prost!

Sy Kushner Music Ensemble: Klezsqueeze! (1997)

Various Artists: Legends of Accordion (1999)

Various Artists: Planet Squeezebox

Concertina and Bandoneon CDs (Folk, Popular, Jazz)

Nicholson, Lea: The Concertina Record (2000)

Piazzolla, Astor & The New Tango Sextet: Luna


Timson, Chris and Gregson, Anne: Peaceful Harbour

Various Artists: Planet Squeezebox

Harmonica CDs (Folk, Popular, Jazz)

Adler, Larry: Larry Adler Salutes Gershwin (1999)

Adler, Larry: The Glory of Gershwin (1999)

Logan, Larry: Larry Logan Plays Gershwin (2000)

Harmonium CDs (Folk, Popular, Jazz)

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada: Krishna Meditations

Publications about the Hare Krishnas


Eleven Naked Emperors: The Crisis of Succession in the Hare Krishna Movement (1977-1987)—a brief history of the zonal-acharya era of ISKCON

Killing For Krishna: The Danger of Deranged Devotion—the story of the 1986 murder of the dissident devotee and former New Vrindaban resident Sulochan dasa (Steven Bryant)

• “Guru Authority, Religious Innovation, and the Decline of New Vrindaban,”—a chapter in the book, Homegrown Gurus: From Hinduism in America to American Hinduism, co-written with E. Burke Rochford, Jr. (SUNY Press: 2013)

Gold, Guns and God: Swami Bhaktipada and the West Virginia Hare Krishnas—a biography of Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada and a history of the New Vrindaban Community. (forthcoming)


Salagram-Sila appears at New Vrindaban, Brijabasi Spirit (February 2015)

Gold, Guns and God, Chapter One: This child is going to be a great preacher (January 2013)

A Chronology of Swami Bhaktipada's Life (December 2011)

Former W.Va. Krishna leader dies in India at 74 (Henry was quoted as a source for this Wall Street Journal article: October 2011)

Swami Bhaktipada / Disgraced leader of Hare Krishnas in W.Va. Died Oct. 24, 2011 (Henry was quoted as a source for this Pittsburgh Post Gazette article: October 2011)

Swami Bhaktipada, Ex-Hare Krishna Leader, Dies at 74 (Henry was quoted as a source for this New York Times article: October 2011)

Radhanath Swami’s Alleged Involvement in Sulochan’s Murder, Sampradaya Sun (August 2010)

Prayers to Lord Damodar (September 2009)

Response to "A letter to the Sampradaya Sun," Jagat (July 2008)

Kirtanananda Swami leaves U.S., Moves to India Permanently, Brijabasi Spirit (March 2008)

When Is The Actual Birthday of New Vrindaban? Brijabasi Spirit (March 2008)

Prayers For Muktakesh, Brijabasi Spirit (October 2007)

Damodara Prayers (An English Version), Brijabasi Spirit (April 2007)

The Passing Away Of Muktakesh, Sampradaya Sun (April 2007)

Faith Is Blind and Ignorance Is Bliss, Sampradaya Sun (March 2007), reprinted by Prabhupad Anti-Defamation Association

In Memory of Hayagriva, Flickr (March 2007)

Sulocana's Murder - For the Record, Part 1, Sampradaya Sun (January 2007)

Vrindaban’s Woods and Groves (November 2005)

• “Impressions of Vrndavana,” Sri Vrndavana Dhama Newsletter (India: August 1994)

• “Memories of Vrindaban: Back to the Future,” Brijabasi Spirit (May 1994)

• “True Tales from the Compost Pile,” New Vrindaban World (August 1992)

• “West Virginia’s First White Sannyasi: Johnny Appleseed” New Vrindaban Town Crier (June 1992)

• “Ideational Music,” New Vrindaban Town Crier (March 1992)

• “Accordions Make For Great Preaching Opportunities,” The City of God Examiner (July 1990)

• “Choir Tour Meets with Applause and Opposition,” New Vrindaban News (September 1988)

• “Eight Meditations on the Bhaktipadashtakam Prayers,” (2 parts) Nectar of the Holy Name (Rishikesh, India: September and October 1988)

• “Deep In The Well: Confessions of a Brahmacari-Grhasta,” (2 parts) Brijabasi Spirit (June and July 1987)

• “Krishna Killers,” Rolling Stone (May 2, 1987)

• “A True Story,” (2 parts) Brijabasi Spirit (May and June 1987)

• “Only for the Birds,” Brijabasi Spirit (January 1987)

• “Hell to Heaven,” Brijabasi Spirit (June 1986)

• Editor/Publisher of Palace Publishing Newsletter (2 issues: January and February 1986)

• “Prabhupada’s Chair, or The Rescue of the Neglected Vyasasana,” Brijabasi Spirit (November 1985)

“Forever By His Side,” (November 1985)

• “Srila Bhaktipada In California,” Brijabasi Spirit (May 1985)

• “Prelude to Perfection,” Brijabasi Spirit (March 1982)

• (Between December 2006 and December 2011, Henry wrote 23 additional articles which were published by the Sampradaya Sun, but Rocana dasa—the editor/publisher—deleted them in 2015 after a philosophical rift appeared between them.)

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